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Menno Van Gorp | Breaking Instructor
3x Red Bull BC One World Champion. Menno has been breaking since he was 12. He has a reputation as being one of the most unique and original B-Boys worldwide.
JEy | Breaking Instructor
Famous French B-boy, participant, and winner of many events with his crew Legiteam Obstruxion, Jey is an internationally renowned Footwork-master and has a vast selection of creative and unique footwork variations. He has won several international Footwork battles (Floor Wars, TapeiBboy City, Massive Monkees Anniversary).
Coach and B-Boy with a unique style (mix Western and Asian influences). Participant and medalist of R16 World Finals, Red Bull Bc One, IBU World Dance Event, B-boy Championship Final, Freestyle session, etc.
Anniina Tikka | Breaking Instructor
One of the most world-famous B-girls with classic form and a true Breaking approach. She is also a judge in most of the big competitions and championships all around the world.
Coach and creator of one of the most effective training programs for beginners dance and children dance courses. A B-boy with a kind heart and strong personality.
Many-times-champion of numerous competitions and one of the top House dancers of Central Asia, Madina keeps on refreshing her style with an exploration of new techniques and broadening her mindset. Join her classes and experience the combination of discipline and playful calmness first-hand.
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Explore new ways to conquer your goals: achievements, leaderboards, points, etc.
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Here's what the first users say about their experience with Steppix.
You have done well! It's good stuff. I like it! Beautiful mat design, cool coaches, and amazing classes. If you’re a B-Boy or B-girl, want to be one, or want to get a new experience, or just prepare to battle, this is the project for you...
I just wanted to say THANK you for making Steppix. This is the first time in my life I've been motivated every day to learn to dance. Steppix Mat really motivates me to train regularly. I'm taught online by Bboy Adlelight until the site is launched.
I’m super happy and proud to be one of the students for these creations. It’s a super good idea to start to learn breaking with the help of the mat. The way this mat was created with all the numbers, colors, and signs make me feel like it’s a game (example twister). I don’t put too much pressure during the lessons and it keeps my curiosity.
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Easy to understand and simple to use. This is very smart I like it.
Niels Storm Robitzky
Interesting!!! It can be really amazing! I will support you.
It's cool!! I understand how to place to feet and hand for the movement.
Fredrick Herranen
It's an OK product for beginners. Good stuff and I hope it takes off.
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